Fall Into Me

Happy fall y’all! As mentioned last year in my post Gobbling up Thanksgiving, fall is my favorite season! This year I am getting a jump on spring by doing a bit of landscaping. My inspiration is a cottage garden. I’ve been wanting a cottage garden since I first saw one as a young girl. I’ve… Read More Fall Into Me


Social Butterfly

Hello! After many months of not posting I’m back with an important update. I have updated my social media presence!!! Hooray! Social media is a must for any business in this day and age so I wanted to share with you all how much of a social butterfly I have become. It is not the… Read More Social Butterfly

Holidays, Life

Be My Trulove

Happy New Year!!! The holiday season sure went by quickly! I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I guess it’s time to get those Christmas decorations tucked away! It’s amazing to see how fast retailer’s swap out the Holiday’s and Season’s, maybe I need to start planning my home decor like a… Read More Be My Trulove

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Finding Trulove

My passion for wedding planning started well before my wedding. However, the first wedding I ever planned was my own. I loved getting married so much I got married twice to the same man! I made a deal with my then fiance, we could get married shortly after our engagement if I got to have… Read More Finding Trulove


And So It Begins

Where did it all begin? It is hard to tell. Was it on the school bus listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major daydreaming of walking down the aisle?   Was it when I bought wedding magazines as a young girl just to daydream and look at pictures? Was it when I wanted to play “Let’s… Read More And So It Begins