And So It Begins

Where did it all begin? It is hard to tell. Was it on the school bus listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major daydreaming of walking down the aisle?   Was it when I bought wedding magazines as a young girl just to daydream and look at pictures? Was it when I wanted to play “Let’s get married” as a little girl? I’ve always been a dreamer and my wedding day was a dream I liked to frequent. I relished planning my own wedding; looking at time tables, reading site after site of advice on do’s and don’ts, hours spent on the phone interviewing vendors. I thought of every little detail, the matching strings on the party favors that tied in with my theme, the handmade invitations, and the custom designed gifts for the wedding party. I put so much love into our wedding, I wanted to talk to anyone and everyone about it. Then my wedding day happened and I didn’t get to talk wedding anymore. I felt a little empty, I wanted to plan and create something special and unique. I started planning holidays and family events, as soon as one was done I was planning the next. Life was event filled and I had a plan for all of them! Family members and friends started to tell me that I was good at it, suggesting that I should do party planning professionally. I started daydreaming of playing party planner, I would envision themes and color schemes for make-believe weddings and parties. I talked about it, let the idea marinade, I tested the idea by talking to local shop owners. Then one day I decided enough talk, let’s DO THIS! So, here I am. Starting out on a brand new adventure!

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