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Finding Trulove

My passion for wedding planning started well before my wedding. However, the first wedding I ever planned was my own. I loved getting married so much I got married twice to the same man! I made a deal with my then fiance, we could get married shortly after our engagement if I got to have a big fancy wedding in a year or two. Our first and official ceremony was an elopement at a local chapel that only included me, my husband, and my husbands two daughters. I wore an off the rack dress I got the week of the wedding and the girls got matching dresses at a nearby Sears. Needless to say, the first time was a rush job.

I did however plan out a “mini-moon” over a three day weekend complete with a photographer to take “engagement” photos for our future save the dates. My husband and I made our own save the dates using his iMac and I hand crafted our wedding invitations and rsvp’s. Originally our wedding was planned for the fall of 2014 however due to finances and family obligations the event was moved to summer of the following year.

Our “big fancy wedding” was a small, intimate ceremony in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I did the majority of the wedding planning from California. I only had two visits prior to the wedding. During the first visit I found a venue and caterer and during my second visit I was able to do a cake and menu tasting. I had scheduled many of my appointments via e-mail or on the phone while still in California prior to my visits. Some of my vendors I didn’t even get to meet until the day of my wedding! I really loved the challenge of scheduling and coordinating all of the details, it was like putting together an intricate puzzle that’s picture would later be revealed. My maid of honor was a huge help in the planning process since she was located in Colorado Springs. One of the reasons for choosing her, apart from the fact that she’s my best friend, is because she has a very articulate mind and had experience since she had been married a few years before me. She really helped me stay focused and grounded.

After finding the venue I was able to better pick my wedding theme, a garden tea party. I wanted my venue to be used for both the ceremony and the reception, with the ceremony outside and the reception indoors. The big selling point for me, aside from floor to ceiling windows or a bridge over a stream, was the staff and the preferred vendor list. The experience and advice was priceless! They also helped with vendors and coordination on the day of the wedding.

Our wedding had a lot of DIY elements, I really loved all the coordinating details. Our ring bearers pillow was sewn by my husband, made from the same fabric as our wedding quilt that my mother-in-law had made for us as a wedding gift. The party favors were teas selected from a tea house in Ridgecrest, CA that I brought out to Colorado with me. The tea was also used during the cake service. I ordered my flowers in bulk. The night before the wedding me and my ladies made our own bouquets, each one was unique to the creator! We also worked together on creating the centerpieces inside teapots.

Mother nature decided to rain on our (second) wedding day forcing the outdoor ceremony to be moved indoors. Thankfully I had a wonderful team supporting me and we had a backup plan for a small indoor ceremony. After the ceremony we took pictures followed by dinner. Honestly, after the ceremony I really felt so relieved and relaxed. I was worried at first about having so few guests but it turned out to be a real blessing. Our wedding was the first time both families met each other. This intimate setting was especially great for my two step-daughters to get to know my side of the family, it was a wonderful celebration of two families uniting.




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  1. Nice blog. I loved the photo shoot at the park too. It was a sunny and beautiful day in more ways than one. A very relaxed way for all to get to know each other. Great way for the kids to get involved. x

    1. Thank you so much! Both of the girls have said they were very happy with the size of the wedding because they felt much more comfortable. I’m so glad that our two families were able to have a wonderful weekend together, it really made our wedding memorable.

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