It’s Officially Official

I now have my very own business cards! I waited to have cards published until I felt my website had enough content to go “live.” It feels like I moved up a notch, I’m that much more professional. It is no longer a dream. I spent a lot of time picking out the color and theme that complimented my brand colors, gray with light pink floral.

I have run into several vendors who I really felt the need to give a card to and I was sad when I didn’t have my cards printed yet. Now I can go back to some of those vendors with my business card in hand and expand my ever growing network.

While starting my own business I have read many articles advising one of the first things to do is get business cards and start handing them out. What an amazing feeling it was seeing my cards on display in a local shop!

While planning weddings I collected many cards from local vendors. They were a great resource and I referenced them quickly in a clear business card folder located in my wedding planning binder that I used for my own wedding.

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