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Be My Trulove

Happy New Year!!! The holiday season sure went by quickly! I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I guess it’s time to get those Christmas decorations tucked away! It’s amazing to see how fast retailer’s swap out the Holiday’s and Season’s, maybe I need to start planning my home decor like a retailer does and then I’ll change out my seasonal decorations in a more timely manner.

Every year I get a little bit more into Valentine’s Day. When I was younger I got really upset with the Hallmark holiday, but it really has grown on me and I think I’ll just cave and embrace it. The world needs more love anyway!

Kimi Wa Todoke (From Me to You)

One thing that really influenced my new found love for Valentine’s was my nerdy obsession with Japanese manga’s and anime. In every single series you will find the obligatory Valentine’s Day and/or White Day episode. I really love the Japanese tradition of women giving men chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Then on White Day a month after Valentine’s Day the men will return the gift. I absorbed ALL of the lovey dovey stuff like a sponge! What can I say, I have always been the mushy sort.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Since I love to cook and occasionally get crafty Valentine’s DIY is right up my ally. One year I made a chocolate covered bacon bouquet presented in couple coffee mugs and another year I made homemade “pocket coffee” chocolates in wooden picture memory box. This year I think I will be baking instead of playing chocolatier. I really do have fun day dreaming up memorable little ways of saying, “I love you!”

Hand Made Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to romantic love. Children’s Valentine’s Day cards are deposited into ever increasingly creative drop boxes. Co-workers, friends, and neighbors always appreciate a little something special as well. As I mentioned once before, the world needs more love!

What are your plans for the holiday? Are you going to snuggle up at home with popcorn and a movie or are you going out for a romantic dinner?

However you celebrate this Valentine’s Day I hope it is filled with L-O-V-E!

3 thoughts on “Be My Trulove

  1. Beautiful post. I simply adore the chocolate covered bacon bouquet.
    Not much of a V-day devotee. It is delightful to show appreciation and love whenever you can.
    I just don’t like being told when to do it.

    I would like to suggest chocolate covered espresso beans. YUM!
    Maybe you need to run a Heart-shaped strawberry cake challenge. (jello optional)

    May your feelings of love be with you all the days of your life.

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